Ruka\’s near perfect NES emulator just got better! He had mentioned about 3 months ago that he was working on NesterJ 1.20 and intended to add Ad-hoc Wifi support for 1.0/1.5 PSP\’s (kernel access). It may be in beta, but he\’s followed through with a few more additions to his creation:


(Thanks to Jeff C. for the translation of the changelog)


  • Drawing speed up by 20% when using GPU
  • Sound processing in single play mode has been modified
  • Network communication is still in-development and needs adjustment
  • If you don\’t want to use frameskip during Network Play, set CPU to 333mhz

He also provided instructions on how to set up a Wifi game:


"How to start WiFi Network Play:

1. Turn on your WiFi switch and set your PSP to AdHoc Mode (choose the same channel as your co-player)
2. Start NesterJ and choose your ROM
3. Select "Wifi Network Play(Adhoc)"
4. Wait until you get the message "sceNetInit() done" – this means the PSP is in Network Standby
5. Repeat steps 1 – 4 for the second player
6. Player 2: Press Circle to send a connection request
7. Player 1: After getting the request from Player 2, press the Circle button

Obviously, identical ROMs are needed and if the emulator settings on all the PSP\’s are not the same, the synchronization might fail."



NesterJ v1.20b (w/ Ad-hoc) Download

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