Post Mon Nov 22, 2010 3:10 pm

Backup launcher 4.3?

Hello I recently brought Black ops and had to upgrade, But around 6 days latter my super smash bros broke. I had made a back up, but never went all the way to install backup launcher, just use a old NES emulator to see if I succesfully instaled homebrew. It was back in 3.3 so a lot of things changed.
I now have to install backup launcher, but I already installed homebrew channel right after the update with smash stack. There's boot mii installed but whenever I launch it it messes up my wii and it becomes all black and I have to hard reset.
All I need Is good advices on how to install back up channel, If you could put all the folders I need on my sd card on a folder, would be much apreciated, But I expect to probably receive links to tutorials...
My problem is that I already checked a bunch of em but it never worked.