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[RELEASED] System Manager for Habib 4.50 CFW

The System Manager is how I called the application that will run in the background. It uses Patched sys_init_osd to allow execution of a self when PS3 starts.
The advantage is that unlike the payload, this does not affect directly the processes, the application runs on a separate plane to vsh.self, PSX emulator or PS3 game

1. Increase Fan Speed without using any tools like fan control utilities and others.
2. Unlike using fan control utilities, with System manager, no stutter or lags in games.
3. Fan Control and USB wake up works when ps3 starts. No need to launch any homebrew apps before.
4. Modified LED Indicator

The LEDs indicate the following:

Yellow Led Fixed: temperature below 70 degrees
Led yellow / green flashing temperature above or equal to 70 degrees
Led red / yellow / green flashing temperature above or equal to 75 degrees
Green LED remained two seconds every 10: led activity
Leds off for two seconds: indicate a write access to USB device. This is important to know, because we should not unplug a USB device in a deed, obviously (we wait for the LED to turn off and unplug a few seconds later)

[Download Link]: (Installation intruction included)
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