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iOS: Springtomize 2 (Jailbreak Tweak)

The main issue with any iOS device is the lack of originality between two devices. Without a case, which thus ruins the artistic design the masterful Jonathan Ive sculpted, or, say, your specific layout of the icons on the homescreen, two devices are almost indistinguishable at a glance. With Springtomize2, this problem is now in the past. Springtomize allows the customization of any basic feature of iOS, including animations, the dock, lockscreen, notification center, and much, much more.

Developed by Filippo Bigarella, Springtomize 2 is an updated iOS 5 version of the previously only iOS 4 Springtomize. Located in the Big Boss Repo, this $2.99 app is a must have for any iOS tweaker. With this, Bigarella rewrote and encompassed many separate, paid, apps and bundled them into one, saving you money in the long run.

With so many different tweaks inside, I have decided to only skim to the surface in this review.


In stock iOS 5 I always felt disgruntled being only allowed to hold 4 icons in my dock. Phone, SMS, Music, Mail, and Safari are by far my most used apps on a daily basis, but I was forced to always keep one out. Now I am able to keep all 5 icons in the dock, while adding an appealing coverflow affect. This alone has made friends picking up my phone amazed, albeit puzzled at first glance.

Notification Center


Though this is more visual than anything else, the transparent Notification Center pull down is one of the nicer affects Springtomize has had on my phone. It just feels more Apple-like this way. Not trading visual for all functionality though, I have also tweaked the Notification Center to allow for more than the standard 3 line preview. With the stock Notification Center, my Mail, SMS, and Tweets were being cut off midword. Privacy issues aside, I simply enjoy being able to swipe down and read my message in its entirety.

Status Bar


The Status Bar. The only negligible difference between your iPhone and mine is the Carrier. We pay these companies more money a year than just about any other expense as they continue to raise their prices. They have us by the nutsack, and with dropping unlimited data and throttling those with they have began to twist. All anger aside, changing your carrier info is a fun tweak to the status bar, giving your phone, iPad, or iPod a level of originality while at the same time dropping their advertisement.
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