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Cydia Updated to 1.1.12


Saurik has just recently pushed an updated version of his popular Cydia Installer for jailbroken iOS devices. With the update comes increased performance and an updated UI and icon for iOS 7.

Originally posted on Cydia;
Cydia 1.1.10 makes it easier and faster to work with repositories.
[Sources] has been rescued from the depths of [Manage] and is now on the tab bar, replacing the [Sections] tab.
(For iPad, there was no [Manage] tab: [Sources] simply replaces [Sections].)
To see all packages from all sources organized together by section, tap the [All Sources] row under [Sources].
Note: the [Edit] button on section lists (which hides the section's packages from [Changes]) affects all sources.
[Refresh] activity is now indicated on each source separately in [Sources], replacing the black drop-bar (which failed to drop on iOS 7 anyway).

Cydia 1.1.10 makes it easier to see what you have installed, when.
[Packages], which used to be under [Manage], is now on the tab bar as [Installed], replacing the [Manage] tab.
[Manage] is now gone and the [Queue] button has been moved to [Installed].
(For iPad, there was no [Manage] tab: [Queue] was already on [Installed].)
Cydia no longer hides packages based on "role" (so no more [Settings] panel to select [User/Hacker/Developer]).
The [Simple/Expert] toggle has been replaced with [User/Expert] and is now shown to everyone (not just "users").
Installed packages can now be sorted by [Recent] to help debug any issues caused by updated packages.

Cydia 1.1.10 can now handle larger numbers of sources and packages.
The new [Sources] UI helps organize content by source and makes finding slow "problem" repositories easier.
The error "wow, you've exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of" is no longer an issue.
Cydia now will fetch package lists from more repositories in parallel on newer devices capable of handling the load.

Cydia 1.1.10 is better integrated.
While a slide-up dialog panel is being displayed (for login or payment), Cydia now supports limited multitasking, for using Google's two-factor auth app.
Cydia now supports international keyboards on every version of iOS.
The alphabetic "thumb index" on the right side of table views is now correct for the user's locale and looks better.
On non-Retina displays, Cydia now renders package icons less blurry.
The iOS 5/6 iPad rotation bug is fixed. The iOS 7 "status bar bug" is fixed.

UPDATE: 1.1.12 has minor bug fixes for the updated 1.1.10 version.
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