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[RELEASE] Medieval MMO on PSP !



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Post Thu Mar 01, 2012 12:07 am

[RELEASE] Medieval MMO on PSP !

As you know (or not) i've been developping an MMO for PSP called Warcraft PSP and now Kingdom Of War PSP,the last past 3 years of my life was on it.
When you see a screenshot like :


You probably think: What's wrong with you !?
but Don't stop reading !

At the moment, the game has better graphics, such as CSPSP but with a layer over your character such as trees.
The old server of KOW PSP and Warcraft PSP was often down because I had a lot of problems with my internet and I wasn't at home.
More and more players gave the game up. So currently, no one (2-3 players each evening lol) plays and I've to fight against trees on the battlefield.

No, seriously,
I'm going to show you the newest version of Kingdom Of War PSP 3.b and new features :
- New map
- Only one mod : Kill the king Ganroth and keep your renforceiments.
- New sounds
- New skills for the warrior (Block, Stun), for the Archer (Barbled Arrow) and so on.
- All updates are done automatically unless MAJOR updates with several new files.
- The server is online 7d/7 and 24h/24 (unless crash), not kiding !
- ...


More players there are and more you get excited on the battlefield, sounds of arrows around you, scream and and ... FIREBALL :x
I think 3 years of development have made of your brain a radish

Definitively, yes.

Download :
and PLAY
Manage your account and characters : FRENCH and ENGLISH use translator please. (I'am working on a new website with a translation feature)

- The alpha channel doesn't work on screenshots with trees, in game, there are a bit transparent.
- The last past days it seems that internet doesn't work correctly and have a lot of black, for me.
- Take care while logging for the first time (with the psp) if you don't type the right username you register on the website, you will be unable to connect after because the psp saves the bad name on the m.s. In this case go into your m.s , Kingdom Of War directory => Save et modify the text file, read at the how to.

P.S : I'am french, sorry for my english.

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Post Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:44 am

Re: [RELEASE] Medieval MMO on PSP !

that looks great! the server is down right now. is it coming back up anytime soon?


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Post Wed Mar 14, 2012 4:05 pm

Re: [RELEASE] Medieval MMO on PSP !

Wow. This is.....


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